What is an Air Cooler?


A portable air cooler is a small device that uses evaporation to provide excellent, humid air to a room. Industrial air purifier These devices use the same principle as the old-fashioned evaporative coolers you might have seen in childhood. They use a fan to push air into a wet pad, then the water evaporates, leaving a nice, cool, moist breeze.

Air coolers come in all shapes and sizes. They are most often used in homes, workplaces, and fitness centers. Despite their size, they are extremely energy efficient, with many using as little as 75% less energy than central air conditioning systems. Moreover, they are straightforward to transport and operate. With the addition of an ice cube tray, these machines can deliver an intense amount of cool air.

Air coolers are also available in trendy designs. These units can be aesthetically pleasing and give the owner great pride in ownership. Some models include ionizers to add refreshing ions to the air, which help boost your mood and concentration levels. Others include dedicated ice cube trays.

Generally, an air cooler works by passing warm ambient air through a damp honeycomb cooling pad, absorbing the heat from it and evaporating it. This process gives the user a “wind chill effect.” It is the simplest of all methods, and you’ll be surprised at its effectiveness.

An air cooler can cool a room by about 20 degrees, depending on the humidity and ambient temperature. However, a cooler might be too much for the space if the temperature is too high. If the room is large, a larger unit might not be necessary. Similarly, a smaller one may be more suited to the task if the humidity is low. Besides, some companies offer a system that eliminates the need to refill the tank.

While an air cooler seems easy to use, a lack of maintenance can lead to sick building syndrome and other adverse effects. For example, an evaporative cooler that is not adequately winterized can clog your indoor air with mineral deposits. Fortunately, inline water filters can drastically reduce these deposits.

Another feature to look for in an air cooler is a “cool” button. Cool buttons will let you switch between the air cooler and fan-only modes of operation. The great button will also allow you to enjoy a breeze when you open a window or close a door.

Finally, it’s essential to know that an air cooler doesn’t have a compressor. It uses a water pump and a fan to move the water through the pads. Once the water is evaporated, the cooler’s fan will move the cooled air to a room. Lastly, an air cooler’s design is essential. High-angle fan blades are better at delivering cool air to a wider area, while vertical surfaces will minimize the amount of heat transfer.

When purchasing an air cooler, remember that the best way to get a reasonable price is to shop around. Each with its unique features. So, do your homework and select the best model for your home or office.